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The inclusive Practices Program is a part of the Strategic Partnerships Program, which is a joint venture between the State Government of Victoria and the Teacher Learning Network to deliver free, online professional development for Victorian teachers and support staff. 

The program assists teachers of refugee and immigrant students, students from disadvantaged or low socio-economic status, Koorie students and English as an Additional Language (EAL) students. The purpose of the program is to connect experienced teacher and experts with teachers across Victoria who wish to improve the intercultural capabilities of their students and improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged students in their classrooms. 

Teachers can choose to do individual courses, however if they commit to complete at least 15 courses and submitting an action plan, they will be able to achieve a Professional Certificate in Inclusive Practices, conferred by the Teacher Learning Network.

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All the Professional Development that is accessed through this website is COMPLETELY FREE for teachers. This Professional Development has been made available as a part of the Strategic Partnerships Program between the Victorian Government and the Teacher Learning Network.

In addition to this, all our Inclusive Practice courses will contribute to your Professional Development requirements for your teaching registration.

At the end of each session you will have access to obtain a certificate of attendance as evidence for your registration.

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Live Webinar Sessions

There are a wide variety of live webinar sessions that you can register for and attend as a part of the program. There will be a new program of courses each year

On Demand Courses

We record each of our webinars and turn them in to On-Demand Training, so you can access and consume the content at a time and speed that suits your learning.

Professional Certificate

Participants who choose to engage in a minimum of 15 hours of PD through this space can register in the Professional Certificate in Inclusive Practice.

Discussion Forum

A discussion around posts linked to the courses that were run as a part of the Inclusive practices program. Participants are encouraged to engage in a conversation with your peers on the topics posted.

Help Centre

The Help Centre will assist you with navigating through the website, registering for Live Webinar Sessions, watching On-Demand Recordings, and accessing your certificates for the courses that you attend. 

the inclusive practices program is run as a part of the strategic partnerships program between

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